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SkyMarket is a platform for instant grocery, food, and retail delivery at hyper-local scale. We deliver directly to your front door within minutes.

SkyMarket was created to save you time and money. We accomplish this by going directly to you, and cutting out the middleman. We store your products in our safe, clean, micro fulfillment centers that are strategically located in your neighborhood.

Our Core Values

How does SkyMarket work?

We deliver all of your daily needs directly to your door. You simply buy the items on our website, and minutes later your items arrive.

How much does it cost?

SkyMarket delivery is free. We do not charge a delivery fee.

SkyMarket charges a platform service cost of 15% of the order total. Minimum of $2.95.

How late are we open?

We are currently open 7 days a week 9AM- 9PM.

Where does SkyMarket deliver?

Check if SkyMarket is already in your area here! If not, we will be soon!

SkyMarket coverage area

Additional Questions?

Please send us an email at info@skymarket.io, text or call us at 843.823.2388